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Engineering a Better Environment

Investing in a consulting engineer ensures a building that works

Providing Building Engineering Consultancy, Design and Compliance Services from our Design Centre in Bristol, GT Consulting Engineers is a company with huge experience.

Specialising in Mechanical & Electrical (M&E), we provide robust and innovative design solutions, whilst ensuring compliance with current and changing legislation.

We have invested in contemporary design software such as TAS Engineering and Revit BIM to support our design approach.  We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of Building Engineering Services without compromising performance.

We can plan, design, supervise and help in undertaking maintenance of any type of structure. From lights, power, supply and extract air to air conditioning as well as sustainable sources like PV, GT Consulting Engineers can help.


Why it makes perfect sense to invest in a consulting engineer

  • Innovative

    We continue to keep conversant of the latest planning, technology and solutions that bring a project to life

  • Modern

    A personal and collaborative approach to our clients understanding project needs from the outset.

  • Compliant

    Ensuring compliance with current and changing legislation

I need a bit more information


Inside the box thinking

Effective design and engineering strategies

As engineering consultants we look at the build as a whole taking into the account the plot, the construction and type of build to give you an efficient blueprint before the ground is dug. This can save huge amounts of time and money by allowing the construction team to create a build that is just what was planned with no surprises.

We consider and plan:

  • Effective Energy Use
  • Optimum construction methods
  • Environmental impact
  • Building Services including power, air conditioning and sustainable energy sources

What we do

Experts in the planning and design of both public and private infrastructures

Expert assistance & guidance on planning, design & construction issues.

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