WHat we do

Peace of mind in your construction process

GT Consulting Engineers collaboratively plan, design and oversee Building Services Engineering solutions across a wide range of sectors ranging from Commercial and Retail to Residential and Education. This broad range along with the expertise places GT Consulting Engineers at the forefront of the Building Services Engineering Industry.

Working with both private and public clients in ways ranging from brief consultations to the complete design and coordination of a project, consulting engineers liaise with clients to plan and design construction projects.

For example:

  • Defining clients' needs and translating them into designs for new facilities, equipment or systems.
  • Conducting initial fact-finding surveys, project inception, formulation and concept planning.
  • Managing and supervising engineering projects for clients, sometimes internationally.
  • Supervising subcontractors who provide specialist assistance for parts of the project.
  • Organising the project logistics, including purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Liaising with others involved, including architects, local authorities and manufacturers.

What we do

Experts in the planning and design of both public and private infrastructures

Expert assistance & guidance on planning, design & construction issues.

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