Building Information Modelling

A collaborative approach to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings

Virtual design tools, 3D modelling and simulation are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated. We believe their potential is best realised when they are used at inception bringing in advanced design processes to life. The interactions between designers and each design element is better appreciated.

This process is known as Building Information Modelling (BIM), is transforming the way that we design cities, buildings and systems to perform throughout their entire life cycle.

BIM is an intelligent model can be thought of as a virtual prototype – whether of a building, a site, an infrastructure system or a city. It allows any aspect of a design’s performance to be simulated and assessed before it is built – helping the designer and end users to better understand the design more completely.

That virtual prototype continues to evolve throughout the design and build process. BIM achieves this as it is an intelligent project model in which information is embedded so it can be shared between stakeholders throughout the whole process.

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